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How to talk to your child about the death of the Queen

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Talking to children about death is never a nice topic, but when someone like the Queen dies, there is no avoiding it and they will likely have questions. So here, we share how to talk to your children about the Queen’s death.

Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends welcome new, relatable characters

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“The creators of Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends have hit the headlines for introducing some new, relatable characters to their programmes and here at Parenthood, we couldn’t be happier.”

The cost of living crisis – Should you argue in front of the kids?

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“Is the cost of living crisis causing arguments between you and your partner? Are you worried about the effect this can be having on your kids? Parenthood spoke with app specialist Sven Lauch, an Emotional Logic Coach, to get the lowdown on how best to manage conflict in front of the kids…”

Back to school – How to keep your child safe

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“Back to school means our newsfeeds will be filled with the obligatory photos of children standing on their doorstep, kitted out in their new school uniform. 
While it’s great to have a yearly momento, there are a few things that parents should consider though before sharing their photos online.”