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Words: Kirsty Ketley

Starting school is a major milestone, for children and their parents and while it can be quite an anxious time, there are things that you can do to make sure that the first day goes smoothly.

So, with the big day fast approaching, app co-founder, Kirsty Ketley has shared her top five tips on how you can make your child’s first day a good one.

Be organised

Make sure that you have your child’s uniform all sorted, bags and, if needs be lunch packed and all ready to go the night before. Knowing where everything is will make it easier and quicker to get out the door. Having a morning routine in place will also help your child know what they needing to be doing and when, so create a realistic schedule and have it on the wall so your child can see it, if necessary. Try and make the morning as relaxed as possible.

Leave enough time for photos

If you want photos of your child looking happy and relaxed, take them when they are not being rushed to leave the house. Allow yourself five/ten minutes to get your perfect shot. Remember though, any photos that you are sharing online, should have your child’s school emblem covered up to avoid any personal information about your child falling into the wrong hands.

Dealing with separation anxiety

Even the most confident of children can have a wobble on their first day and it is very common. The best way to handle it, is to make the drop off as quick as possible and not to hang around. A hug, kiss and reassuring smile is all that is needed and then it is the teacher’s responsibility. Be prepared that it might take a few weeks for your child to settle. Make sure you keep praising them for being brave and have something nice planned on the weekend for them to look forward to, if this is the case.

Be prepared for them to be totally fine

Equally, with it being normal for some children to have separation anxiety, it is also completely normal for them to be totally fine too. You might feel a bit miffed, but embrace it and be pleased that your child feels happy and safe at school.

If you find it hard to say goodbye, NEVER tell your child. They don’t need to feel guilty or worried, so don’t hang around and save your tears for after you have left.

Organise coffee or brunch

If you can take the morning off work, organise coffee or brunch with the other parents so you can all support each other. It’s a good way to distract you from wondering how your child is getting on and a great way to get to know some of the other parents.

You might not be ready for your baby to start school, but it won’t take long until you are all into a routine and embracing the next chapter.